"A Tale of Two Public School Systems"

A state's key responsibility is the education of its children.

Secular AZ: Public Schools Should Not Actively Promote Belief in God

The AZ House voted to allow the phrase "God Enriches" - an English translation of the state motto that references the Biblical book of Genesis - to be posted in Arizona's public schools.


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Do We Need (Yet Another) Religious Endorsement in AZ Public Schools?

"God Enriches"? Which god?The Friendly Atheist can't understand why the AZ Senate passed SB1289, allowing teachers and administrators to post a translation of the AZ state motto, Ditat Deus, in classrooms.... and Secular AZ agrees.

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Secular AZ in the Media: Jewish News

Secular Day at the Capitol Featured in Jewish News

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In Memoriam

The Secular Coalition for Arizona mourns the loss of our dear friend, colleague and benefactor Anne Mardick, who died on February 15, 2018. Anne’s generosity and commitment helped launch and sustain our organization.

2017 Legislative Wrap Up is Here

The Secular Coalition for Arizona (Secular AZ) ignited our 2017 legislative work in a charged political environment colored by the general election. We started strong, locking arms in solidarity with over 40 anti-discrimination groups during an Opening Day rally. We began lobbying immediately on January 12th against regressive bills aimed at education, science, and women’s reproductive rights.

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"Nones" Now Largest Religious Demographic in 20 States

A September, 2017 study from the Public Religion Research Institute found that those identifying as non-religious are the largest demographic in 20 states, including Arizona. (Here in AZ, "nones" make up 26% of the population.) Of these, six in 10 identify as "secular" while just over 25% identify as "atheist" or agnostic. These numbers illustrate a significant generational shift, and highlight the importance of ensuring that our state's policies are secular... and equitable for all!


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Double Your Donation! Your Gifts Matched, All Summer Long

Matching Gift Campaign

Secular public policy is under attack... and we're fighting back. Will you help us?

Donate to the Secular Coalition this summer and your gift will be doubled, up to $40,000! That means $25 turns into $50, $100 turns into $200, $1000 turns into $2000... you get the picture! 

Fighting Against the Unconstitutional Use of Taxpayer Money to Endorse Religion in Fountain Hills

Secular AZ Board member and attorney Dianne Post joined concerned Fountain Hills residents to bring attention to the town's improper and unconstitutional use of taxpaper money to promote a religious event.

At a June 1 Town Council meeting, FH resident Susan Fallon objected to Mayor Linda Kavanaugh's proclamation supporting a "National Day of Prayer" event, noting that the Mayor's endoresement and the town's use of taxpayer dollars to support the prayer event represent an unconsitutional endorsement of religion.


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Phoenix New Times: Whose Higher Power?

The Phoenix New Times published an article on Republican House members' overreach after Rep. Athena Salman offered a secular invocation on the House Floor earlier this week. 

As Salman noted, "The Arizona House of Representatives is the people's house," she said, her voice cracking. "Opening prayers in the House should represent Arizonans of every faith's perspective. This includes the hundreds of thousands of Arizonans who, like myself, who do not believe in a supernatural god, but do believe in the power of humanity to do good in the world."

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